Dining GuideWhat you get?

What is The London Pass Dining Guide?

The Dining Guide is ideal for visitors to the city who want to experience the best restaurants London has to offer, while saving money! It’s a must-have product if you like eating out and want the choice of over 100 restaurants with up to 50% off.

The new and improved Dining Guide comes in the form of a dining card with a handy pocket-sized dining guide book packed full of information about each restaurant, including top attractions nearby for helpful itinerary planning and contact numbers in case you want to book ahead.

Note: Although it’s a product of the London Pass, you don’t have to be a London Pass holder to buy/use one.

 How long is it valid for?
The London Pass Dining Guide is valid for 7 consecutive days, and will be validated and activated upon signing and dating the reverse of the dining card.

How many people can use the Dining Guide?
The Dining Guide can be used for up to 6 people, so it’s perfect if you’re travelling as a couple or a family. With a range of options to choose from all across London there’s something for everyone, from Indian and Chinese, to French and Thai.

Will it save me time and money?
As London is a busy city all year round, we suggest booking in advance if you know where you want to go on what day. This will avoid disappointment and might secure you one of the better tables in the house!

But don’t worry, if you haven’t got an itinerary planned, the Dining Guide is perfect for those on a flexible schedule and as sightseeing makes for hungry work, there are plenty of places to go without a booking, too.

However you want to use the Dining Guide, saving money is guaranteed!