1. Check that your London Pass Dining Guide contains the following two items shown below; the Dining Guide book and the Dining Guide card.

    The Dining Guide card is the physical product that your must present in restaurants in order to get the discounts described in the accompanying book. The card is valid for one week from first use. Date the card on first use.
    The Dining Guide book which gives you information on each restaurant that is included in the scheme plus location details, maps and suggested attraction partners.

  2. Choose restaurants to eat in!
    Browse the list of restaurants included or use the guidebook for suggested attraction and restaurant pairings on pages 10-13 to help you plan your dining choices around your sightseeing. Alternatively you can browse restaurants by London borough, refer to the contents on page one, or for an alphabetical index refer to page 198.

  3. Check for any special terms and conditions that might apply to each venue

    Some restaurants might have special terms and conditions so make sure you read the restaurant’s page in advance. We try to keep any terms to a minimum, however pay particular attention around Christmas and Valentine’s Day when many restaurants won’t maintain their discount. These discounts cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. One dining card is valid for up to 6 people.

  4. Show your dated Dining Guide Card on arrival at each restaurant and enjoy your exclusive discount

Please note: Restaurant list included is subject to change. To avoid disappointment, please double-check with restaurant when booking.